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Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning Gender  Category Type Category  Rashi
Yagnakaya Acceptor Of All Sacred And Sacrficial Offerings Male Gods Ganesh Vrushik
Yashaskaram Bestower Of Fame And Fortune Male Gods Ganesh Vrushik
Yashvasin Beloved And Ever Popular Lord Male Gods Ganesh Vrushik
Yogadhipa The Lord Of Meditation Male Gods Ganesh Vrushik
Yogine Yogi (Saint) Male Gods Hanuman Vrushik
Yadavendra Krsna, King Of The Yadav Clan Male Gods Krishna Vrushik
Yogi The Supreme Master Male Gods Krishna Vrushik
Yoginampati Lord Of The Yogis Male Gods Krishna Vrushik
Yajvine The Sacrificer Male Gods Rama Vrushik
Yagmin Eloquent Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yajna Sacrifice Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yama Restrainer Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yatisangatman Associating With The Ascetics Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yogin Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yogya Worthy Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yudadhyaksa Presiding Deity Of The Yugas Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yugadikrt Cause Of The Beginning Of Yugas Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yugapaha Destroyer Of Yugas Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yugavarta Causing The Yugas To Resolve Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yukti Joint Male Gods Shiva Vrushik
Yadu-Shresthah The Best Among The Yadava Clan Male Gods Vishnu Vrushik
Yajnaangah One Whose Limbs Are The Things Employed In Yajna Male Gods Vishnu Vrushik
Yajnaantakrit One Who Performs The Concluding Act Of The Yajna Male Gods Vishnu Vrushik
Yajnabhrid The Ruler Of The Yajanas Male Gods Vishnu Vrushik
Yajnabhuk Receiver Of All That Is Offered Male Gods Vishnu Vrushik
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