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Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning Gender  Category Type Category  Rashi
Uddanda Nemesis Of Evils And Vices Male Gods Ganesh Vrushabh
Umaputra The Son Of Goddess Uma (Parvati) Male Gods Ganesh Vrushabh
Upendra Brother Of Indra Male Gods Krishna Vrushabh
Udharakirti Of Liberal Renown Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Udyogin Enterprising Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Unmattavesa Having The Guise Of A Mad One Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Unnadhra Uplifted Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Unnatakirti Of Lofty Fame Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Upaplava Obstacle, Distressing Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Urga Fierce Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Usna Hot Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Uttama The Most Excellent Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Uttarana He Who Takes Across Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Udbhavah The Originator Male Gods Vishnu Vrushabh
Udeernah The Great Transcendent Male Gods Vishnu Vrushabh
Udumbarah Nourishment Of All Living Creatures Male Gods Vishnu Vrushabh
Ugrah The Terrible Male Gods Vishnu Vrushabh
Upendrah The Younger Brother Of Indra (Vaamana) Male Gods Vishnu Vrushabh
Uttaaranah One Who Lifts Us Out Of The Ocean Of Change Male Gods Vishnu Vrushabh
Uttarah He Who Lifts Us From The Ocean Of Samsara Male Gods Vishnu Vrushabh
Uday To Rise Male General General Vrushabh
Udayan Up Rising Male General General Vrushabh
Udbhav Creation, To Arise From Male General General Vrushabh
Uddhav A Festival, Sacrificial ( Yagya ) Fire Male General General Vrushabh
Udeep Flood Male General General Vrushabh
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