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Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning Gender  Category Type Category  Rashi
Pitambara One Who Has Yellow-Coloured Body Male Gods Ganesh Kanya
Pramoda Lord Of All Abodes Male Gods Ganesh Kanya
Prathameshwara First Among All Male Gods Ganesh Kanya
Purush The Omnipotent Personality Male Gods Ganesh Kanya
Panchavaktra Five Faced Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Paramantra Nirakartre Acceptor Of Rama's Mantra Only Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Parashaurya Vinashana Destroyer Of Enemy's Valour Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Paravidhyaparihara Destroyer Of Enemies Wisdom Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Parayantra Prabhedaka Destroyer Of Enemies' Missions Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Parthadhwajagrasamvasine Having Principal Place On Arjuna's Flag Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Pavanputra Son Of Wind God Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Pingalaksha Pink Eyed Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Prabhave Popular Lord Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Pragnya Scholar Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Prasannatmane Cheerful Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Pratapavate Known For Valour Male Gods Hanuman Kanya
Padmanabha The Lord Who Has A Lotus Shaped Navel Male Gods Krishna Kanya
Parabrahmana Krsna Who Is The Supreme Absolute Truth Male Gods Krishna Kanya
Paramatma The Soul Of Souls Male Gods Krishna Kanya
Parampurush Supreme Personality Male Gods Krishna Kanya
Parthasarthi Charioteer Of Partha Arjuna Male Gods Krishna Kanya
Prajapati Krishna Who Is The Creator Of All Creatures Male Gods Krishna Kanya
Purshottam Krsna As The Supreme Soul Male Gods Krishna Kanya
Parabrahmane The Supreme Godhead Male Gods Rama Kanya
Parakashaya The Supreme Space Male Gods Rama Kanya
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