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Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning Gender  Category Type Category  Rashi
Kapila Yellowish-Brown Coloured Male Gods Ganesh Mithun
Kaveesha Master Of Poets Male Gods Ganesh Mithun
Kirti Lord Of Music Male Gods Ganesh Mithun
Kripalu Merciful Lord Male Gods Ganesh Mithun
Krishapingaksha Yellowish-Brown Eyed Male Gods Ganesh Mithun
Kshamakaram The Place Of Forgiveness Male Gods Ganesh Mithun
Kshipra One Who Is Easy To Appease Male Gods Ganesh Mithun
Kabalikruta One Who Swallowed The Sun Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kalanabha Organizer Of Time Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kalanemi Pramathana Slayer Of Kalanemi Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kamaroopine Altering Form At Will Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kanchanabha Golden-Hued Body Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kapeeshwara Lord Of Monkeys Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kapisenanayaka Head Of The Monkey Army Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Karagrahavimoktre One Who Frees From Imprisonment Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kesarinandan Son Of Kesari Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kesarisuta Son Of Kesari Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kumarabrahmacharine Youthful Bachelor Male Gods Hanuman Mithun
Kamalnath Krishna Who Is The Lord Of The Goddess Lakshmi Male Gods Krishna Mithun
Kamalnayan Krsna Whose Eyes Are Like Lotuses Male Gods Krishna Mithun
Kamsantak Krsna, Slayer Of Kamsa Male Gods Krishna Mithun
Kanjalochana The Lotus-Eyed God Male Gods Krishna Mithun
Keshava Krsna Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks Male Gods Krishna Mithun
Kausaleyaya The Son Of Kausalya Male Gods Rama Mithun
Kharadhvamsine The Slayer Of The Demon Khara Male Gods Rama Makar
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