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Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning Gender  Category Type Category  Rashi
Haridra One Who Is Golden Coloured Male Gods Ganesh Kark
Heramba Mother's Beloved Son Male Gods Ganesh Kark
Hanumanta One With Puffy Cheeks Male Gods Hanuman Kark
Harimarkatamarkata Lord Of The Monkeys Male Gods Hanuman Kark
Hiranyagarbha The All Powerful Creator Male Gods Krishna Kark
Hrishikesh Krsna Who Is The Lord Of The Heart Male Gods Krishna Kark
Haraye The Destroyer Male Gods Rama Kark
Hamsa Swan Male Gods Shiva Kark
Hamsagati Having The Gait Of Swan Male Gods Shiva Kark
Hara Destroyer Male Gods Shiva Kark
Hari Identical With Visnu Male Gods Shiva Kark
Harina Deer Male Gods Shiva Kark
Hartr Destroyer Male Gods Shiva Kark
Havyavahana Carrier Of Sacrificial Offerings I.E. Fire Male Gods Shiva Kark
Hiranyagarbha Druhina Identical With Brahma Male Gods Shiva Kark
Hiranyakavaca Having Golden Coat Of Mail Male Gods Shiva Kark
Hiranyaretas Gold-Semened Male Gods Shiva Kark
Hiranyavarna Golden Coloured Male Gods Shiva Kark
Halaayudhah One Who Has A Plough As His Weapon Male Gods Vishnu Kark
Hamsah The Swan Male Gods Vishnu Kark
Harih The Destroyer Male Gods Vishnu Kark
Havih The Oblation Male Gods Vishnu Kark
Havirharih The Receiver Of All Oblation Male Gods Vishnu Kark
Hemaangah One Who Has Limbs Of Gold Male Gods Vishnu Kark
Hetuh The Cause Male Gods Vishnu Kark
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