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Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning Gender  Category Type Category  Rashi
Hri Holy Chant Of Hymns Female Goddesses Durga Kark
Harini Deer-Like Female Goddesses Lakshmi Kark
Harivallabhi Consort Of Lord Hari Female Goddesses Lakshmi Kark
Hemamalini Having Golden Garlands Female Goddesses Lakshmi Kark
Hiranmayi Golden Appearance Female Goddesses Lakshmi Kark
Hiranyapraka Amidst Gold Female Goddesses Lakshmi Kark
Hakini Roopa Dharini She Who Has The Name Hakini Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Hamsavathi Mukhya Shakthi Samanvitha She Who Is Surrounded By Shakthis Called Hamsavathi Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Hamsini She Who Is Surrounded By Swans Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Hara Nethragni Sandhagdha Kama Sanjeevanoushadhi She Who Brought Back To Life The God Of Love Manmatha Who Was Burnt To Ashes By The Fire From The Eyes Of Shiva Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Hardrannaika Rasika She Who Likes Rice Mixed With Turmeric Powder Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Hari Brahmendra Sevitha She Who Is Served By Gods Like Vishnu,Indra And Brahma Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Harimathi She Who Is Shy Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Heyopadeya Varjitha She Who Does Not Have Aspects Which Can Be Accepted Or Rejected Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Hridayastha She Who Is In The Heart Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Hrim Kari She Who Makes The Holy Sound Hrim Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Hrudya She Who Is In The Heart (Devotees) Female Goddesses Lalitha Kark
Haimavathi Godess Lakshmi Female General General Kark
Haimi Golden Female General General Kark
Hamsavahini Who Rides A Swan; Saraswathi Female General General Kark
Hansa Swan Female General General Kark
Hansamala A Line Or Row Of Swans Female General General Kark
Hansini Swan And Beautiful Lady Female General General Kark
Haribala Daughter Of Lord Vishnu Female General General Kark
Harinakshi One With Eyes Like Deer Female General General Kark
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