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Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning Gender  Category Type Category  Rashi
Balaganapati Beloved And Lovable Child Male Gods Ganesh Vrushabh
Bhalchandra Moon-Crested Lord Male Gods Ganesh Dhan
Bheema Huge And Gigantic Male Gods Ganesh Dhan
Bhuvanpati God Of The Gods Male Gods Ganesh Dhan
Buddhinath God Of Wisdom Male Gods Ganesh Vrushabh
Buddhipriya Knowledge Bestower Male Gods Ganesh Vrushabh
Buddhividhata God Of Knowledge Male Gods Ganesh Vrushabh
Bajrangbali With Strength Of Daamod Male Gods Hanuman Vrushabh
Balarka Sadrushanana Like The Rising Sun Male Gods Hanuman Vrushabh
Batnasiddhikara Granter Of Strength Male Gods Hanuman Vrushabh
Bhakthavatsala Protector Of Devotees Male Gods Hanuman Dhan
Bhavishya Chaturanana Aware Of Future Happenings Male Gods Hanuman Dhan
Bheemasenasahayakrute Helper Of Bheema Male Gods Hanuman Dhan
Balgopal The Child Krishna, The All Attractive One Male Gods Krishna Vrushabh
Bali The Lord Of Strength Male Gods Krishna Vrushabh
Bali Pramathanaya The Slayer Of Bali Male Gods Rama Vrushabh
Bhavarogasya Bheshajaya The Reliever Of Earthly Ailments Male Gods Rama Dhan
Brahmanyaya The Absolute Reality Male Gods Rama Vrushabh
Badhira Deaf Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Bahuruci Having Great Interest Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Bahurupa Multiformed Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Bahusruti Of Many Years Or Of Great Fame Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Bahvaksa Many Eyed Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Balakhilya Identical With Sage Balakhilyas Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
Balin Strong Male Gods Shiva Vrushabh
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