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Hindu Baby Names
Name Meaning Gender  Category Type Category  Rashi
Akhuratha One Who Has Mouse As His Charioteer Male Gods Ganesh Mesh
Alampata Ever Eternal Lord Male Gods Ganesh Mesh
Amit Incomparable Lord Male Gods Ganesh Mesh
Anantachidrupamayam Infinite And Consciousness Personified Male Gods Ganesh Mesh
Avaneesh Lord Of The Whole World Male Gods Ganesh Mesh
Avighna Remover Of Obstacles Male Gods Ganesh Mesh
Akshahantre Slayer Of Aksha Male Gods Hanuman Mesh
Anjanagarbhasambhoota Born Of Anjani Male Gods Hanuman Mesh
Anjaneya Son Of Anjana Male Gods Hanuman Mesh
Ashokavanikachhetre Destroyer Of Ashoka Orchard Male Gods Hanuman Mesh
Achala Krishna Who Is Still And Motionless Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Achyuta Krishna Who Is Infallible Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Adidev Krishna Who Is The God Of Gods And Goddesses Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Aditya Krsna Who Is The Son Of Aditi Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Ajanma Krsna Who Is Infinite And Boundless Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Ajaya Krishna Who Is Beyond Both Life And Death Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Amrut Krsna Who Is Sweet As Nectar And Immortal Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Anandsagar Krishna Who Is An Ocean Of Bliss Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Anaya Krsna, Above Who There Is None Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Aparajeet Krishna Who Cannot Be Defeated Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Avyukta Krsna Who Is As Clear As Crystal Male Gods Krishna Mesh
Adipurushaya The Primal Being Male Gods Rama Mesh
Ahalya Shapashamanaya The Reliever Of Ahalya's Curse Male Gods Rama Mesh
Ananta Gunagambhiraya The Lord Of Infinite Majestic Qualities Male Gods Rama Mesh
Abhicarya Worth Of Being Approached Male Gods Shiva Mesh
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